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It is one thing to be passionate about ideas and the intellectual discourse. It is another to communicate them effectively. I enjoy public speaking and strive towards presentations that are full of information and exciting. Goals of mine consists of facilitating a discourse and to communicate ideas in an understandable way. I also had the fortune to teach students in economics at King’s College London and at the University of Shenyang in China.

I have spoken at events and given workshops in Ukraine, US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, China, Sweden, Turkey, and other places. My range of topics is quite diverse: business cycles, economics, entrepreneurship, workshops for student leaders, importance of privacy, free-banking, and classical-liberalism. A selection of presentations and events I have attended you can find on my CV.

Below you can find example of speeches and interviews I gave in German and English. Feel free to contact me with any requests or questions.

Tom-Woods Show on Regime Uncertainty

I was recently invited to talk about the sluggish recovery in the United States. Tom and I chat about Dr. Adam Martin and my research on regime uncertainty.

Link to the paper.

Introduction to Free-Banking, Shanghai


Debate at the St. Gallen Symposium with over 600 attendees, St. Gallen


The Socialist Calculation Debate, Leuven


Hayek and the Sensory Order, London


Interview at the ESFLC 2013, Berlin