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It is one thing to be passionate about ideas and the intellectual discourse. It is another to communicate them effectively. I enjoy public speaking and strive towards presentations that are full of information and exciting. Goals of mine consist of facilitating discourse and to communicate ideas in an understandable way.

I have spoken at events and given workshops in Ukraine, US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Czech- Republic, Serbia, China, Sweden, Brazil, Turkey, and other places. My range of topics is quite diverse: business cycles, economics, entrepreneurship, workshops for student leaders, free speech, the importance of privacy, free-banking, and classical liberalism. A selection of presentations and events I have attended you can find on my CV.

Below you can find example of speeches and interviews I gave in German and English. Feel free to contact me with any requests or questions.



Cato Podcast – The Libertarian Student Movement

Reason Podcast – Forget Speech Codes, Trigger Warnings: These Students Protest FOR “Peace, Love, Liberty”

Podcast on Regime Uncertainty  – Link to the paper.

PanAm Podcast – Liberty Worldwide


Videos, Presentations, and Interviews

CSPAN – Opening Remarks LibertyCon 2018

Introduction to Free-Banking, Shanghai

Debate at the St. Gallen Symposium with over 600 attendees, St. Gallen

The Socialist Calculation Debate, Leuven

Hayek and the Sensory Order, London

Interview at the European Students For Liberty Conference 2013, Berlin

Interview with Wichtia Liberty TV

Interview with Freedom Today, Washington, D.C.

Bold TV – Interview on the Iranian Protests and the Iranian Economy, NYC

Loving Liberty Interview at FeeCon