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For my PhD, I have compiled a database of over 40 years of lawmaking in the U.S. I measure the time that each individual law spent within Congress and their length in terms of words. In chapter two and three of my PhD, I compare lawmaking during recessions with lawmaking during normal times. Below you can find a PDF with the key tables and figures from my PhD. It is a work in progress so please do not cite without my permission. In the future, I will upload the whole database here.

Click below for download:
Wolf von Laer – Tables and Figures PhD

Complete Database:
Patterns of Lawmaking During Crises

Version: 7th of March 2016
Thanks to Edward Dehm!

I collected data on three Senate committees (banking, appropriations, and agriculture) and how much the Senators received in campaign finance. Those data do not reveal a pattern during crises but might be interesting to the reader anyways. Please write me an e-mail before you cite the data.
Committee members campaign finance
Version: 3rd of February 2016